150 Days of HTML

Chapter 2 - The head element

As mentioned yesterday, today we are getting into the head of our HTML document and looking at the metadata that lives in it. So what is metadata?

In a single short phrase, it is “data about data”. That’s so meta right? 😉

Not all metadata lives in the head though, and not all metadata that lives in the head is necessarily descriptive, but I am getting a-head of myself.

Most of the metadata about our document lives in the head of the document, and it makes perfect sense. Most information about our bodies also live in our head. Expanding on the code from yesterday, the following example adds a head to our document:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

And that is pretty much it for the head. It is a rather boring element but; it serves a very important role, and while it is technically possible to omit the head, who wants a document without a head?

That is it for Day 2.

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